1. The prize begins at $10,000 seed and 50% of nights sales will be added each week until won. 

2. Every Tuesday tickets will be sold at $1.00 each, from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM 

3. Draw will take place at approximately 7:10 PM 

4. One ticket will be drawn weekly 

5. In the event a participant does not come forward, when the ticket is drawn, another ticket will be drawn until a participant comes forward. 

6. The participant whose ticket is drawn will select one playing card from a standard deck of cards, including jokers, equaling 54 cards. Chance of winning will increase by one week as selected cards are removed and placed on the prize bulletin board, unless the participant selects the Ace of Hearts, thus claiming the accumulating pot. 

7. Participants who do not select the Ace of Hearts will have their name written on the card. 

8. Ticket hold will win a consolation prize of $50.00, if they do not pick the Ace of Hearts 

9. Participants who select a Joker will receive a consolation prize of $100.00 

10. Prizes and cards selected will be placed on the prize bulletin board. 

11. Once the accumulating prize is won, a new pot will commence the following week. 

12. Cards will be displayed face up and available for inspection by participants prior to the selection process. Cards will then be shuffled and placed face down on a table. The participant will then select one card by pointing at the card. The card will then be revealed to the participant and patrons by a member of the organization. If the card is not the Ace of Hearts, it will be posted on the prize bulletin board. 

13. Should a card become bend or marked in any way throughout the sequence of events, the deck will be replaced. 

14. A new deck of cards will be used for each new series. 

15. Maximum number of tickets available per night will be 20,000. 

16. A participant cannot purchase more than 100 tickets at any given time