Golden Anniversary Awards

The Golden Anniversary (50 Year Medal) may be awarded to Legion members and members of the Ladies Auxiliary who have completed fifty years of membership in The Royal Canadian Legion. For the purposes of this medal a person’s service includes that in the Canadian Legion of the British Empire Ex-Services League and The Great War Veterans Association. The medal may only be awarded on the recommendation of the member’s Branch.

The Golden Anniversary (50 Year Medal) can be enhanced every 5 years with incremental bars exclusively designed for this award for 55 years, 60 years, 65 years, etc.

Name Additional Bars


John Ackland

D Allan

Neil Fenton

John Graham

Greg Haskett

G Lintick

W MacAuley

C Morrison

Douglas Smith

Marilyn Taylor

Douglas Wain

Larry Blair


Allan G James

R.W. Gaundroue


Richard Barsby


Robb Lorne


Edgar T Duffy 55 Year

Emil Krawetz 55 Year

John D Murphy 55 Year

Norman Edstrom 55 Year


William Buchanan 55 Year

William Graham 60 Year

Leonard A Johansson 55 Year

Clarence Bridle 55 Year

Robert K Macdonald 65 Year


WM R McClelland 60 Year

Ted G Buis 60 Year

Mary Elliott 60 Year

George E Nokes 60 Year


R.E. Kennedy 65 Year


Jeffrey Mathieson 65 Year

George E Phillips 65 Year

M.E. Beer 65 Year

G Goddard 65 Year