Branch Service Medal

This medal is awarded to members of the Branch/Post and of Ladies Auxiliaries to the Branch to recognize the significant work accomplished by their many members, outside of, or prior to their acceptance to leadership positions. The qualification for the awarding of the Service Medal is to be a significant level of service provided by the member to their Branch/Post or L.A. Although this medal is intended to be awarded to members who have not been members of the Branch/Post or L.A. Executive, it may also be awarded in addition to any awards/medals previously received by the member for exemplary service over and above any responsibilities required for any offices held. However, holding an Executive position does not in itself justify the award, as once a person assumes a position, the member is expected to perform the duties of that position to the best of their ability. Recipients of this medal are also permitted to wear any earned past office Legion bars on this medal. This medal is to be senior to all Commemorative Medals and junior to the Branch/Post and/or L.A. Past Office Medal. The recommending and approving authority is to be the Branch/Post or L.A. Executive Committee and/or the General Membership. It is not the intent to have the L.A. present an L.A. Service medal to a Branch member or for a Branch to present an L.A. member with a Branch Service medal.

Branch Service Medal Recipients